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Take SuperRare Home

Showcase your SuperRare NFTs in the
most elegant frame for minted art


All Your Art

Artlists to show the art you own
from SuperRare artists you love.
All Your Art
Interact as Intended


Interact as

Display works as the artist always


Devine Discovery

Fall in love with your next SuperRare
curated artwork before you buy.
Devine Discovery

Turn Up Your Art

Turn up the volume on your minted artwork.
Premium sound tools by the maestros of sound mastery at
Master & Dynamic. Elevate all your senses.

LAGO has the potential to be a game changer for the NFT space, providing collectors with a unique physical portal into the world of distinguished digital art.

- Devin Finzer, Co-founder & CEO, OpenSea

LAGO brings the digital into the physical, always showcasing the artist's vision as intended.

- COIN ARTIST @coin_artist

LAGO is elegant and should be considered for every home, office, or gallery.

- Brian Swarts, President, Taglialatelia Galleries

Likely the most versatile, natively compatible, and gorgeous physical frame for our future creative expression.

- Tim Kang @illestrater_