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LAGO Pass Improvements

Thanks for your support


Thank you to all who have stuck with us through our first mint. You can read our extended thank you note here.

So–the original mint didn’t go as planned - but we’ve been working hard to resolve technical issues and do right by our customers.

What’s next? A new mint with an upgraded experience.


New Mint: June 13th


The LAGO Pass mint is dropping June 13th 12 noon ET. Don’t forget to register!

With new insights and technical measures - we guarantee an improved experience. And–if you bought into the previous mint, you're all set for the upcoming one; you'll be airdropped a new pass.


Here’s what to expect this second time around:




Robust Test Harness

We developed a robust test harness for the LAGO Pass smart contract with the guidance of an outside, expert contract auditor. Following a “Test Driven Development” strategy, the testing hardness was developed from the product specs, not from the smart contract’s code–thus allowing us to be more confident in its veracity by decreasing the probability of confirmation bias while developing.


Gas Fee Reduction

We made gas fees 234% cheaper!


An average gas reduction on our mint function went from 396k to 169k! This was a priority, as we noticed that during the first mint, gas prices were too high and sometimes caused transaction failures

For the dynamic monthly traits, we cut our gas prices in half by changing where and when we looped! Loops on chain will cost you a pretty penny, and our dynamic trait function has gone from 22M gas units down to 9M. Finally, we have eliminated transaction failures caused by exceeding the gas limit estimated by our front end.


Extra Vulnerability / Scenario Testing

For the new mint, our goal is to try to break our contract and only deploy once we are confident in our contract’s security, which we are.

Last week made us realize just how many people there are trying to exploit web3 security vulnerabilities. The public nature of blockchain technologies allows everyone to read our source code, making it easier for nefarious users to identify exploits.


Expert Audits

On top of our internal testing, we brought in an ERC contract expert to audit our smart contract. The audit yielded 40+ changes to our contract for security, performance, and functionality improvements.

Most notably, this audit resulted in reduced gas prices, as mentioned above.

Furthermore, we expanded our web3 developer team. The new hires are responsible for making sure we are conforming to all the modern blockchain and smart contract best practices.


Fail Safes and Monitoring

What if something goes wrong again?

We set up contract “fail safes” to ensure data maintenance with all user tokens. The immutable nature of web3 technology means that your smart contract’s data is permanent unless you explicitly give yourself the ability to edit data through a setter function.

We have implemented contract owner level admin functionality to ensure that this is the last LAGO Pass smart contract that will ever need to be deployed on the main net. This functionality provides the contract owner the ability to maintain the data integrity of all LAGO Pass tokens.

Additionally, we implemented additional monitoring tools such as “tenderly” to ensure contract execution is seamless. This new framework allows our team to continuously monitor important events that occur on our contract, such as failed transactions, and then receive timely push notifications which we then can react to in near real-time.


Result: A Better Mint


The updated LAGO Pass mint is dropping June 13th 12 noon ET with better infrastructure.

Don’t forget to register!

Stay tuned on Twitter, Instagram, or Discord for more updates.

Thanks all for your understanding! You guys fuel our drive to make the digital into the physical at the highest quality possible.

Much love,

LAGO Web3 Development Team