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The Frame

The Frame

An extraordinary experience for NFT collectors.

The only frame for minted art with premium sound and motion built in–allowing you to interact without limits.

LAGO has the potential to be a game changer for the NFT space, providing collectors with a unique physical portal into the world of distinguished digital art.

- Devin Finzer, Co-founder & CEO, OpenSea

LAGO brings the digital into the physical, always showcasing the artist's vision as intended.

- COIN ARTIST @coin_artist

LAGO is elegant and should be considered for every home, office, or gallery.

- Brian Swarts, President, Taglialatelia Galleries

Likely the most versatile, natively compatible, and gorgeous physical frame for our future creative expression.

- Tim Kang @illestrater_


Delivering Dreams

LAGO displays minted art the way the artist intended: Bright. Bold. Interactive. Authenticated.

Immersive Interaction
Immersive Interaction

A world of discovery and magic is created through gestures, voice, and sound.

Captivating Audio & Voice Activation
Premium Audio by Master & Dynamic

Crystal clear, premium audio transports viewers to another world.

Captivating Audio & Voice Activation
Authenticated & Verified Art

Take the NFT experience to a whole new level with proof, provenance, and pride.

Frame Specs


Transcend Worlds

Bringing the metaverse into your home


Subscribe and follow your favorite curators' Droplist or Artlist for their exclusive drops, auction favorites, and private collection sales.


Authenticate and show your art from virtually any wallet. Show art at its best quality as the artist imagined. Orchestrate it on only screens you choose. Interact with it.


Join our community of artists, curators, and collectors. Unlock your creativity and create space and history on the LAGO canvas.


Manage your collection with ease just like physical art. Track its location and provenance of display. Track viewership, interactions, and more.



Where Imagination Comes to Life

Crafted to push creative expression beyond boundaries. Join other artists who are exploring new creative expression.

Our community serves as inspiration in the pursuit of transcending what is possible. This is just a selection of artists that we collaborate with for minted art enhanced on LAGO.