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Where can I download the LAGO Frame Mobile App? 

You can download the LAGO Frame Mobile App for iOS or Android.



How do I pair my LAGO Frame Mobile App with my LAGO Frame?

Upon opening up the App for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account. Once you create your account you will receive an email confirmation to activate your account.

After you have activated your account, power on your Frame in an area of your home where the WiFi signal is strong.  The Frame will start up and display you with a Welcome screen, showing you the name of your Frame in the bottom right corner, and a QR code in the bottom left corner.

From the App, select “Frames” from the bottom of the interface, and then Select “Connect a Frame”.

The “Connect Frame” function will open up your phone’s camera. You may have to grant permission for the LAGO Frame Mobile App to access your phone’s camera depending on your personal phone settings.

Upon opening your phone’s camera, use the camera to scan the QR code in the bottom left corner of your LAGO Frame display.  This will start your pairing process.

Once your Frame has been found, you will connect to the WiFi network that you will be using to finish the connection process. 

Is an Internet connection required to use the LAGO Frame?

Yes. You will be walked through pairing your Frame upon scanning the QR code displayed on the Frame when you start the device in order to complete Internet connection via our iOS or Android LAGO Frame Mobile App.

My internet connection is weak and unable to connect to the LAGO Frame. What should I do?

Please move your Frame to a location that is closer to your WiFi router, this should solve your issue.

My internet connection requires a login via a web browser portal. Can I still use my LAGO in this situation?

No. Currently LAGO Frames do not support WiFi login flows via separate web browser portals. Please use a standard WiFi connection and Password to use your LAGO Frame.

Why is my NFT displaying as a still image instead of a video? 

Very occasionally, our system will identify a video as a still image due to multiple types of file types contained in a JSON. This is easily fixable, but we would like to know about it so that we can prevent it from happening to you in the future! Please email and we will sort you out.

How do I update my Frame’s software to the latest version? 

The LAGO Frame Mobile App will prompt you with an OTA (over-the-air) update like most connected devices. You will receive a notification when a new version of the LAGO Frame OS is available.

Does LAGO currently support NFTs on blockchains other than Ethereum or Polygon?

Not yet! We are currently working on our multi-chain solution and plan on deploying it soon. Until then, only Ethereum and Polygon NFTs can be displayed on your Frame.

My Frame seems to be frozen, what should I do?

You can cycle the power on the bottom left of the back of the Frame (when facing the front of the Display).  You can do this without causing any loss of your collection or hardware.  If for some reason you Frame unpairs during this process, you can simply pair it again from your list of Frames in the Mobile App.

I changed my WiFi Password and now my Frame won’t connect, how do I fix this?

You will need to start the pairing process for your Frame again. Please remove the Frame from your list of Frames in the Mobile App and pair your Frame as you did upon initial set up.

Do I need to use the modular frame or can I use my Frame without it?

Your preference! While we think our modular frames are unique and well-suited for the display of fine digital art, this is entirely up to you! We look forward to offering more fits and finishes and custom design options to our modular frame inventory in the near future.

Can I share my NFTs with other LAGO users?

Yes, but not yet. We will be adding the ability to share the contents of your wallet and personal Galleries with 

My NFT is taking a long time to load, what is causing this?

Check your internet connection on another device. If your Internet connection is still strong / connected, this is not the issue. More likely it is that the asset you are attempting to load is very large.  Loading extraordinarily large amounts of data from the chain may take longer than usual. Please wait 5 minutes and if it still does not load, feel free to contact so we can attempt to resolve the issue with you.

Can my LAGO Frame display generative or interactive generative art?

LAGO does not currently support generative art that needs to be activated via an external web portal (i.e. “Click to Start”). We anticipate generative functionality to be available very soon via an OTA update to your Frame. 

How do I install my LAGO frame on the wall?

Use the included wall bracket to hold the LAGO Frame on the wall, making sure to hang the wall bracket level. Detailed instructions can be found in the user manual included in the box. LAGO isn’t responsible for any damages to the object through installation.

How do I install my LAGO frame using a standard TV mount?

The LAGO Frame uses standard 400 x 400mm VESA connection screws, so any VESA mount with that size will work with the display. Make sure to use all four connection points so that the Frame is securely fastened. LAGO isn’t responsible for any damages to the object through installation.

My display isn’t turning on out of the box. What should I do?

All LAGO Frames are distributed in the ON state, meaning they should turn on as soon as they get plugged in, so please wait a couple moments for your device to boot up after plugging it in. If it still isn’t turning on, try pressing the power button on the top back of the device and waiting again. If still nothing happens, please contact


Where can I find LAGO's Terms of Service?

LAGO's Terms of Service can be found here.