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“Unsafe at Any Speed” Spanned Art Genres, Featured LAGO-framed NFTs

Why artist are collecting each other's NFTs.

In the days leading up to our mint, we’ve been taking time to celebrate some of our favorite memories thus far. A particularly meaningful past event on our radar was “Unsafe at Any Speed,” hosted by Morton St. Partners in the heart of the West Village in NYC.

Curated by “veteran art-world provocateur” Kenny Schachter, the show featured drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, collectible cars, a concept vehicle by Zaha Hadid, and NFTs framed by LAGO. The NFT artwork on display featured 8bit_titty, Jonas Lund, and Kenny Schachter.

A confluence of art genres, design ideas, and futuristic ambition, this event consummately reflected LAGO’s drive to push creative boundaries, and we look forward to similar events in the future.

See below for highlights from the main event.