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Tourneau Bucherer’s “Time Machine” Features Warhol NFT and LAGO frames, Among Other Works

Why artist are collecting each other's NFTs.

In early May, Torneau Bucherer hosted an art exhibition titled “Time Machine” at its expansive Manhattan flagship. According to Artnet, the show aimed to explore “art’s qualitative powers of time travel and timelessness” and featured work from well-known artists like Andy Warhol and Man Ray.

NFTs were woven through the show alongside other artworks, signifying the emerging importance of this medium and its acceptance among the fine art world—and beyond, as the venue hopes to be a space where people convene to socialize, work, and otherwise spend their time.

Andy Warhol's Untitled (Flower) NFT was executed circa 1985 and minted in 2021. Photo: Hannah Turner Harts/BFA. Courtesy of Bucherer. Via Arnet.

At the opening event, Carina Ertl, Tourneau Bucherer CMO, spoke on this idea, saying, “Using art as a magnet isn’t a new retail concept. But Bucherer is wielding it in a new way, by using such a consistently high caliber of artists in rotation to draw people in. We want to make ‘Time Machine’ a welcoming experience.”

LAGO frames were used to showcase a 2017 CryptoPunk and Warhol’s 1985 floppy disk tower, which was recently rendered into an NFT. Showgoers could see firsthand how LAGO frames allow patrons to display NFTs with pride. Similar to Tourneau Bucherer’s mission to welcome people in and make them want to stay a while, LAGO aims to make NFT ownership an enjoyable part of everyday life.

Larva Labs, CryptoPunk #5447 (2017) on display at Bucherer Timemachine 1888. Photo: Hannah Turner Harts/BFA. Courtesy of Bucherer. Via Artnet.