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Thank YOU for sticking with us through our first mint!

Why artist are collecting each other's NFTs.
Scott here, one of the founders of LAGO.

First, thanks for all the support and for sticking with us. Yesterday, we experienced some pretty bad things: A DNS issue, a contract vulnerability, and some Discord hackery. We were horrified at what we woke up to what a rollercoaster.

Second, we’re taking several steps to make everything right for our primary and secondary-market Passholders.

  1. Stopped Everything - We’ve stopped the mint and locked secondary market sales on OpenSea. Do not buy or sell any LAGO Passes until further notice.
  2. Auditing & Testing - We’re fixing the contract and running it through multiple stress tests with various experts.
  3. Make Goods - We’re working on a detailed plan to make those who purchased a LAGO Pass on the secondary market whole (e.g., new pass issuance; refund scheme; etc.).
  4. Redeploy - Once we’re t tested, we’ll r the Mint and re-issue LAGO Passes.

Have advice on how we can do better? Join our Discord and let us know.

We aim to resume the mint late next week. Stay tuned on Twitter, Instagram, or Discord for more updates. We’ll be back better than ever.

Thanks all for your understanding! You guys fuel our drive to make the digital into the physical at the highest quality possible.