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From One Milestone to the Next: Reflecting on ETHDenver & Exclusive LAGO Events

Why artist are collecting each other's NFTs.

As our official mint date approaches, we’re reflecting on this past year and some of the milestones that have gotten us to this point. With NFT NYC upon us, we can’t help but recall all of the events that we’ve been honored to be part of—notably, ETHDenver 2022. 

This event marked LAGO making its inaugural IRL appearance in partnership with SuperRare. Together, we produced a showroom for NFT art in the MAKERSPACE. Seeing people’s positive and enthusiastic reactions to our screens—especially given that it was our debut event—was very rewarding.

It was also during this time frame that LAGO hosted the first of a series of exclusive, art-focused events. In Breckenridge, Colorado, we created an intimate setting (a welcome reprieve from the 10K crowd at the Denver conference!) to unveil the LAGO Founders’ Frame in an up-close and personal demonstration.

Then, over après-ski cocktails and a dinner with a one-of-a-kind menu designed by a private chef, guests connected over their shared passions and interests with tech and art, bolstering community and connection among our attendees. 

The conference and dinners provided the energy and motivation to keep pushing creative boundaries and creating experiences that bridge the gap between URL and IRL and led us to where we are today as we prepare to mint.