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Founders' Note

Why artist are collecting each other's NFTs.

With over 10 combined years of experience in the crypto and NFT industry, it was pretty clear to us that something important was missing in the market: the ability for NFT collectors to have the same flexibility and range as IRL art collectors to enjoy their pieces.

Through conversations within the community, we came to feel that NFT collectors—whether “metaverse-savvy investors or analog-only art collectors”—wanted (and deserved) nothing short of an extraordinary experience.

Enter: LAGO, an elegant frame crafted specifically to display minted artworks. LAGO provides the same IRL depth you’d expect from any investment piece and allows you to interact with your collection without limits with its gesture, voice, and audio features.

We believe NFT art should command the same respect as traditional art, and we’re working to build a bridge between the two worlds. LAGO exists to support how an artist’s vision comes to life and is then experienced by collectors who want to fully immerse themselves and engage with the work.

We’re the go-to for artists who want to push creative boundaries, continually experiment, challenge convention, and explore new ways of creating. In fact, these qualities can be found across every single person in the LAGO community.

And who are we? Well, LAGO is what happens when three people with synergistic backgrounds team up and pool their talents. Dan is a true tech and digital strategy pioneer who’s led multiple companies through growth and successful acquisitions. Scott is the co-founder of Portis Wallet, the leading wallet solution for decentralized finance (DeFi). And Jonathan is a serial consumer tech entrepreneur who founded Master & Dynamic, a company known for its luxury audio products.

Though the company started out with just the three of us, LAGO has grown to over 40 people now. We are proud to announce that today, we’re releasing our one-of-a-kind Founder’s Edition LAGO frame. This is a huge moment for the company, and we’d love if you would join us in spreading the word. We’re so thankful for your continued support as we officially launch LAGO into the world.

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The LAGO team,