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“As Common As a Paintbrush”: DMINTI’s Carola Jain Believes NFTs Will Soon Be Ubiquitous

Why artist are collecting each other's NFTs.

“As Common As a Paintbrush”: DMINTI’s Carola Jain Believes NFTs Will Soon Be Ubiquitous 

NFTs As a Standard Tool in an Artist’s Repertoire

NFTs will soon be just another standard tool in an artist’s repertoire, according to DMINTI CEO Carola Jain. Not only have they played a pivotal role in validating the existing market for digital art but they will soon simply be part of an artist’s standard collection.

Her belief that NFTs are here to stay led her to found DMINTI, with the mission to bring NFT art and crypto fluency to the traditional art world. DMINTI seeks to provide white-glove service to legacy art collectors looking to acquire digital art on the blockchain.

Similar to LAGO’s desire to become a one-stop destination for creators, collectors, and curators, DMINTI wants to open the channels of communication so that ideas, culture, and values can flow between all NFT artists and collectors.

“As curators and collectors dedicated to the history of conceptual art, we see fascinating analogs to the NFT in its function as a ‘certificate of authenticity’ yet understand its potential for generative art in that it is so much more than a mere identifier,” Jain explains. “We are here to help usher in a new history, using museum-level protocols and entrepreneurship to support artists in this new, creative ecosphere powered by the blockchain.”

Challenges and Opportunities for New NFT Artists and Collectors

There are myriad challenges that new NFT artists and collectors may initially face. Some of the most common are a lack of technical understanding and bandwidth constraints that result in limited time to learn new things. DMINTI’s expert team addresses these obstacles by bringing in a large, multi-faceted team to create the desired projects and experiences.

Legacy art collectors, in particular, can be more nervous than most about entering the NFT world. While they may be excited and intrigued, they also might be accustomed to having a gallerist or art advisor help them navigate acquisitions and handle their questions. Purchasing an NFT work directly from a platform could be far beyond their comfort zone.

Jain feels there is a tremendous opportunity here to help guide these legacy art collectors into the platforms, providing more info about NFT artists and introducing them to the active and prolific NFT community.

A Two-Way Street: Community in the NFT Space

Familiarizing new entrants to the NFT space with the community is an important step because the community is where education and connection happen.

Jain feels that crypto art has created a strong community of artists and opened up many access points for new community members to engage with the NFT world. “There is a lot of really amazing dialogue and discourse surrounding the world of the digital arts!” she affirms.

Through DMINTI, Jain works to engage leading voices in the NFT conversation and share their thoughts in the most accessible way possible—this is DMINTI’s primary way of building community. For now, that looks like hosting a weekly podcast, Twitter space, and meetups in the company’s Metaverse.

Members of the DMINTI team engage in conversation with artists and thought leaders and foster discourse among the community at large, pushing people to ask questions and share insights. Community is a reciprocal effort in this way, making sure that there is a presentation of people, organizations, and ideas, but also that feedback, questions, and other perspectives are equally welcomed.

As far as what the future holds for DMINTI, Jain just launched the DMINTI Metaverse, a highly immerse, social metaverse space allowing artists to bring their work to life in new and unique ways. DMINTI’s Metaverse provides the community a space to meet, exchange thoughts, and experience art in new ways, thus furthering the company’s overarching mission.

We look forward to seeing how DMINTI continues to create opportunities for initiation, education, and connection.